AWS overhauls cloud customer billing system

New billing system now includes hourly line items.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has introduced a more detailed billing system for its cloud computing services.

The company said it is introducing hourly billing and simplifying the way users can track and managed costs associated with Reserved Instances.

Jeff Barr, AWS evangelist, said: “You now have access to new reports which include hourly line items.

“If you use a combination of On Demand and Reserved Instances, you will now be able to ensure you have enough Reserved Instances to meet your capacity requirements for any given hour,” he added.

AWS said this report provides an additional allocation model for linked accounts, with two key features: RI Affinity and Unblended Rates.

RI Affinity allows users to prioritise the allocated benefit of the less expensive hourly rate for a Reserved Instance to the linked account that first purchased it.

Unblended Rates allow users that currently have a consolidated bill to use a blended rate when allocating costs to linked accounts.

The detailed billing report will continue to include blended rate and cost information, but will now be supplemented with unblended rate and cost as additional columns.

The blended rate includes the average of On Demand, Free Tier Usage and Reserved Instances.

Earlier in the year, AWS announced Programmatic Access to AWS Billing Data alongside AWS Billing Alerts to provide users with additional information about their AWS usage along with a notification if their spending for the month exceeds a particular amount.

Users can sign up for hourly reports on their AWS Billiing Preferences pages.

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