Ubuntu looks to the cloud in 2013

Cloud plug in connection
Cloud plug in connection

Founder says 2013 is all about mobile and the cloud

This year will see open source Linux operating system Ubuntu arrive on smartphones and tablets and push deeper into the cloud, according to its founder Mark Shuttleworth.

In a blog post reflecting on the project’s goals for the coming year, Shuttleworth said it was important not to exclude people from Ubuntu’s audience and to be relevant to people’s day-to-day computing experience. Therefore, the project’s proprietary user interface, Unity, will be “all about mobile” in 2013.

“[We will be] broadening the Ubuntu community to include mobile developers who need new tools and frameworks to create mobile software. Defining new form factors that enable new kinds of work and play altogether. Bringing clearly into focus the driving forces that have shaped our new desktop into one facet of a bigger gem,” he said.

Shuttleworth’s comments highlight the rapidly increasing importance of mobile computing, which has been lauded by organisations such as Citrix and Forrester.  It is this trend, he said, that will push Ubuntu deeper into the cloud.

“Whether you are building out a big data cluster or a super-scaled storage solution, you’ll get it done faster on Ubuntu than any other platform, thanks to the amazing work of our cloud community. Whatever your UI of choice, having the same core tools and libraries from your phone to your desktop to your server and your cloud instances makes life infinitely easier,” Shuttleworth claimed.

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