Microsoft launches cloud gaming hub

game pad in the shape of a cloud
game pad in the shape of a cloud

London-based development studio to focus on mobile devices and smart TVs

Microsoft has opened a new games development studio called Lift London to deliver “entertainment as a service" to tablets, smartphones and televisions via the cloud

The software giant first announced its intention to open a cloud gaming studio in London in September 2012 and it will, for now, share the company’s Microsoft Studios’ offices in Soho.

The studio will produce games aimed at the mass market, Lift London studio head Lee Schuneman has revealed.

“We are still going to see the blockbuster games, the Halos, the Call of Duties. They are not going to disappear anytime soon. But for the larger networked majority of gamers, we plan to use a much more nimble, streamlined development cycle,” Schuneman said.

The primary goal of the studio will be to extend Microsoft’s Xbox service beyond the console market and put it in the hands of everyday gamers, via their handheld devices and TVs, it was claimed.

“If you look at the size of the tablet market today, it is measured in the hundreds of millions, and that is where we aspire to be,” Schuneman said.

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