Cortado claims cloud security victory over Dropbox

James Stirling News
22 Jan, 2013
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Cloud-based file sharing service is more secure than the competition, company claims

Software-as-a-service provider Cortado has announced new file sharing features for its free Cortado Workplace cloud desktop app.

Cortado claims its new service is more secure than alternatives, such as Dropbox and Box.

“Competing file sharing solutions create an unsecured link that can be easily accessed by anyone,” the company said in a statement.

“Cortado Workplace, however, stores shared documents in a password-protected cloud drive and allows them to be downloaded or accessed via a secure link with native clients for iOS, Android and BlackBerry, or on a desktop with the HTML 5 client,” it added.

The new service also features a preview function, which allows users to see what is in a file before downloading it. This, the company argues, adds a further layer of security that is not available on most other file sharing platforms.

File sharing is currently available with the HTML5 version of Cortado Workplace. Moreover, a file can be shared directly from the cloud drive of the Cortado Workplace account, which the company claims removes the need for a user to download content onto their own device.

Dirk Löwenberg, business director of online sales and services at Cortado, said: “File sharing is an important functional upgrade of our cloud desktop app.  In order to adequately protect our customers’ files, we have provided a solution that is not only simple but also the most secure compared to competitors.”