Mikogo uses cloud to deliver Windows desktops to any device

Windows 8 running on iPad & Galaxy tab
Windows 8 running on iPad & Galaxy tab

Virtual desktop player unveils new cloud-based offering

Virtual desktop software vendor Mikogo has taken the wraps off a new product that it claims will let people host an entire computer system in the cloud.

The offering, named Mikogo Cloud Desktop, allows users to access their computer from any device with a browser.

Mikogo has offered virtual desktops to private individuals and corporate clients for collaboration purposes since it was founded in 2007.

“The idea behind [Cloud Desktop] is to provide a Microsoft operating system to any device without any download or installation on the device itself,” Marcel Maron, IT operations manager at Mikogo told Cloud Pro.

The service gives users access to Windows-specific apps or tools they could not otherwise use, as well as facilitating a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategy in the workplace, Maron said.

“We can provide special applications or special defined desktops for a company [and] for their freelancers, for example, or to support the BYOD trend.

“IT operators can design desktops and install applications and provide them to freelancers, without giving them any hardware, for example, and they can access that from around the world,” Maron said.

Cloud Desktop can also save businesses money, Maron claimed, as they do not need to invest in new hardware or software licenses as the service is provided on a monthly subscription basis.

The product has been built on HTML5, because this is the most compatible format and works on nearly all browsers, Maron claimed.

“HTML5 also offers additional opportunities, for example...you are also able to submit audio from the Cloud Desktop to your system without having to install additional plug-ins like Flash,[which you do with some competitor products],” he added.

The product is available to trial immediately and a full release is expected in the coming months.

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