Sales channel can't keep up with cloud interest, says CIF

Resellers and service providers are missing out on opportunities in the cloud, it is claimed

The channel is failing to keep up with the demand for cloud, could be losing customers as a result.

That's according to the latest survey from the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), which found that  channel firms are failing to keep pace with the growing interest in cloud computing.

According to the CIF, 63 per cent of channel companies are offering some sort of cloud service,  a two per cent increase on the last survey carried out by CIF on this subject two years ago. 

According to CIF chairman, Andy Burton, there's a fundamental gap between the way that channel providers are selling services and what customers want.

“The channel has been selling primarily on price but that's not what users are asking for: they're looking for flexibility and diversity of services.”

Burton went on to say that  channel partners were much better at understanding customers' fears and were  aware that security and privacy concerns were seen as big inhibitors.

He added that many channel companies rebadge existing products as cloud, which is not helpful as many potential customers are suspicious of attempts at cloudwashing.

Burton said  the channel was missing out on opportunities. “We know from our end user survey that 84 per cent of companies looking to move to the cloud don't want to do it on their own but are looking for a partner.”

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