Cloudreach gives Google Apps users a helping hand with ROI

road to the cloud
road to the cloud

Cloud services provider wants customers to make the most of their Google investments

Cloudreach has launched a new service to help businesses maximise their investment in cloud technologies.

The consultancy-based programme, dubbed Innovation Services, is open to new and existing Cloudreach customers and allows them to review their use of Google Apps on an ongoing basis to ensure they're getting the most out of it.

“Ever since we migrated our first customer, we have had an eye on the fact that most organisations did it for cost reasons and to replace their Microsoft Exchange environment with the mail, calendar and contacts aspects of Google Apps,” Pontus Noren, director and co-founder of Cloudreach told Cloud Pro.

“This is an important but small part of the platform. Everything else around collaboration, being able to set up sites, Google+ and the compliance aspects of [Google Apps] - that will not cost the customer anything extra - are either underutilised or not used at all,” he continued.

Noren said this means customers are not getting value out of something they have already paid for,  so Cloudreach felt it could increase their satisfaction by showing them the full portfolio of tools the platform offers through its Innovation Services offering.

The programme takes the shape of a four-to-six-week consultation with different departments in the client’s organisation. From here, the company produces a roadmap for the implementation of other Google Apps that will benefit the business.

“[Part of the problem] is many IT professionals think about rolling out the project in a slightly old-school way. With on-premise systems, it is a project that starts and stops and ends, but with Google, it needs to be treated as a programme of works and the first stage is [mail, calendar and contacts].

“Unfortunately most organisations plan this stage and that is the only stage in the project. What we are trying to do to kickstart the next phases,” Noren said.