Eucalyptus loses two top level executives

Letter of resignation
Letter of resignation

CEO downplays departures but industry watchers are left nervous

Open source private cloud software provider Eucalyptus has confirmed the departure of two of its executives.

Eucalyptus is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company offering private cloud software that’s API is compatible with Amazon Web Services (AWS). In 2012 it raised $30 million (£19.1 million) from venture capitalists in series C funding.

The exiting duo have been named as co-founder Rich Wolski and vice president of worldwide sales Said Ziouani, who joined the company from Red Hat in late 2010.

However, there have also been rumours about a number of less high profile departures over recent months.

Marten Mickos, Eucalyptus’ CEO and former CEO of MySQL, confirmed the departure to GigaOm, but sought to play down Wolski’s departure, claiming his transition back to academia had always been planned.

When asked if this was part of a shakeup, he said: “Anytime Marten Mickos is CEO there is going to be change and adjustments.”

However, there is speculation that Wolski and Ziouani’s exit is a sign of something more than just the natural ebb and flow of employees.

Indeed, a number of industry insiders have pointed to the fact that Eucalyptus is operating in a highly competitive market and faces competition from the likes of CloudStack and OpenStack, both of whom have big-name backers such as Dell, HP and Rackspace.

“Demand is not there for 90 flavors of OpenStack plus Eucalyptus plus these others,” an unnamed VC executive told GigaOm.

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