Veeam takes backup into the cloud

cloud backup
cloud backup

Backup and replication specialist announces new cloud focused product

Veeam software has launched a new cloud backup product that it claims will allow organisations to offload their data backup needs completely.

The product, called Veeam Backup & Replication Cloud Edition, is described as ‘cloud-agnostic’ and has support for 15 different public storage clouds, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Rackspace and HP Cloud.

According to Veeam, Backup & Replication Cloud Edition simplifies backup requirements, not only through automating processes and taking it off site, but also through increased ease of use.

Hans De Leenheer, EMEA product strategy specialist at Veeam told Cloud Pro: “[The product] does a scheduled offloading of your backup files, so there is no change between the way you are doing your regular backups now and with this.

“The way we have made is so easy for the end user having those backup jobs being replicated somewhere else, rather than handling tapes and taking them off site. We have given them the option to store it offsite in a public service.”

De Leenheer added that the service made it easier to backup to the cloud, as before now the person implementing the system would have needed to know about scripting and APIs, he claimed.

“You do not need to know anything about scripting [to use Backup & Replication Cloud Edition]. All it takes is 15 minutes to set up an Azure account, for example, and then adding that account to the software takes maybe another 10 minutes and that is all,” he said.

Backup & Replication Cloud Edition is available immediately as a standalone product for existing customers. It is offered on an annual subscription basis of one, two or three years. More information on pricing and implementation can be found via the Veeam website.