Jaspersoft brings cloud BI to Amazon Marketplace

James Stirling News
14 Feb, 2013

Software vendor claims low cost of cloud service will put BI tech in reach of more users

Jaspersoft ‘s business intelligence (BI) software is now available to buy through the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace on an hourly basis.

Pricing for the software vendor’s BI offering starts at 26 pence an hour, and there is no limit on the number of users or amount of data that can be processed by the software.

The product can be run as a standalone piece of kit or embedded inside another application and can also be used to configure cloud services from AWS.

Karl Van den Bergh, vice president of products and alliances at Jaspersoft, said the product’s low pricing will open up BI to a new range of users.

 “We are going after the petabytes of data in the cloud that have not yet been tapped for insight because current BI offerings are too expensive and too restrictive,” said Van den Bergh.

“With this new BI service, we are allowing millions of developers and IT professionals to easily and cost-effectively power the intelligence inside their cloud applications.”

Terry Wise, head of worldwide partner ecosystems at AWS, added: “[Jaspersoft’s] offering provides a modern, intuitive business intelligence suite that is well suited for cloud deployments.”