Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest reportedly hit by Zendesk hack

Hand stealing password
Hand stealing password

Cloud-based customer support vendor suffers data breach

Customer support software-as-a-service provider Zendesk has suffered a cyber attack on its systems, which has reportedly affected its social networking customers Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest.

According to a blog post from Zendesk, the cyber attacker or attackers gained access to three of its client accounts and downloaded the email addresses of users who had contacted them for support, as well as email subject lines.

Mikkel Svane, CEO of Zendesk, said: “We’ve become aware that a hacker accessed our system this week. As soon as we learned of the attack, we patched the vulnerability and closed the access that the hacker had.

“Our ongoing investigation indicated the hacker had access to the support information that three of our customers store on our system. We notified our affected customers immediately and are working with them to assist in their response.”

The company added that they've found no evidence so far that other customers had been affected.

While Zendesk has not stated which of its clients were affected, news site Wired claimed it was social networking sites Tumblr, Twitter and Pinterest who suffered as a result of the attack.

The site claims to have been given the text of emails sent by each of the organisations to users who had logged customer support requests with them. Twitter and Pinterest state there is little or no threat to users, as passwords were not accessed, but advised them to review their security settings as a precaution.

Meanwhile, Tumblr apparently also asked users to check their correspondence with the company, stating “the subject lines of your emails to Tumblr Support may have included the address of your blog, which could potentially allow your blog to be unwittingly associated with your email address”.

Wired’s article with the full text of the emails sent to affected Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr users can be found here.

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