LogMeIn debuts Android remote support at MWC 2013

Draped box
Draped box

LogMeIn Rescue and Rescue Click2Fix extend customer care offering

Cloud-based mobile workplace management company LogMeIn has unveiled two new updates to its remote support offering LogMeIn Rescue.

LogMeIn Rescue provides over-the-air (OTA) capabilities for configuring, diagnosing, troubleshooting and remote controlling smartphones and tablets.

The first update, revealed at Mobile World Congress 2013 on 25 February, will allow IT professionals, service providers and mobile operators to provide advanced remote support for Samsung, HTC, Motorola, and Sony Android devices.

The updated offering does not require users or IT administrators to pre-install software on devices, the company said, but works in conjunction with a free, downloadable app in the Google Play market.

LogMeIn claims this makes the service ideal for bring your own device (BYOD) workplaces.

Kevin Bardos, VP of customer care products at LogMeIn, said: “Mobile operators and OEMs have been at the forefront of delivering mobile device support, and we believe their experience will prove critical to how businesses look to support employee-owned devices entering the workplace.

“With the new release of Rescue, we’re taking the capabilities built for – and refined in – these operator and mobile OEM environments, and delivering them in a way [that] simplifies the support experience for device owners and the IT teams tasked with keeping them productive.”

The second update, called Rescue Click2Fix, was debuted the following day and allows frontline customer service representatives to diagnose and resolve common Android and iOS device issues remotely, without needing to involve technical support staff.

According to LogMeIn, Click2Fix combines an easy-to-use interface, simple alerts, quick fixes, and proactive guidance for the most common problems, such as battery and performance issues.

“LogMeIn Rescue is often the tool of choice for technical support teams. This new customer service toolkit has been designed to bring these same capabilities and benefits to virtually any customer service representative – delivering Level 2 support at the first point of contact,” said Bardos.