Adobe bolsters cloud-based editing suite

Software giant touts asset management and collaborative editing features of new cloud service

Adobe has taken the wraps off Adobe Anywhere, its new cloud-based collaboration suite, and claims it can overcome the three biggest headaches in video production: massive file transfers, duplicate media, and proxy files.

The cloud service would allow virtual teams to work together on projects, enabling them to efficiently log, edit, share and finish video productions using standard networks and hardware.

The service supports the latest versions of Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe Prelude CC that are available as part of Adobe Creative Cloud. Support for Adobe After Effects CC is expected later in 2013.

“Video production has always been challenging because it’s difficult for multiple editors to work on the same project and pass huge files back and forth across the internet,” said Jim Guerard, vice president of enterprise solutions at Adobe. 

“With Adobe Anywhere, these hassles are gone. Team members can work together with centralised media and assets, making it possible for remote users to work jointly on a project from virtually anywhere.”

Adobe Anywhere is an enterprise-level offering that is hosted on-premise and enables production teams to collaborate smoothly and securely.

It can be installed on a cluster of servers and is powered by two core components: the Adobe Anywhere Collaboration Hub and the Adobe Mercury Streaming Engine.

The Adobe Collaboration Hub contains all the project information and metadata, manages user access, and allows multiple team members to work on the same project files simultaneously.

The Adobe Mercury Streaming Engine is a technology used across applications and provides real-time, dynamic viewing streams with GPU-accelerated effects of Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe Prelude CC sequences.

The Adobe Mercury Streaming Engine reportedly eliminates hours of time spent transferring or duplicating large files and provides remote team members with instant access to media files from anywhere.

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