Cloud will not kill-off CIOs, claims Huddle

Jumping the gap
Jumping the gap

Those that embrace a role as an advisor and facilitator will succeed, claims cloud firm

Claims cloud will lead to the CIO role becoming defunct have been greatly exaggerated, according to content collaboration Software-as-a-Service provider Huddle’s new chief marketing officer (CMO) Chris Boorman.

While some IT power and budgets have been placed into the hands of CMOs, the CIO role will not disappear, Boorman told Cloud Pro. Nevertheless, there needs to be a change in culture and attitude if IT leaders are to succeed in the cloud world.

“The cloud-social-mobile revolution is opening up a whole new way of engaging with customers that never existed before, which is making the CMO a far more influential member of the organisation,” Boorman said.

“Marketing leaders now have to go out and find a whole range of technologies that will help them achieve that goal, and in general they will go straight to the cloud, not to the IT department.

“So we are seeing a massive change from a big requirements process to marketers going out, finding something, seeing if it works, then scaling it out,” he added.

While software procurement may have - in Boorman’s view - become part of the CMO’s role, IT will be responsible for supporting the decisions they make, as well as bringing the data generated by all these sources together in a meaningful way, he suggested.

“One of the biggest challenges that a marketer has is analysing data in order to deliver the right content to the right person at the right time. It is an amazingly simple statement that very few marketing departments get right,” Boorman said.

“The first thing that marketing departments need help with is pulling all the data together; how do you bring the social data from Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn together with your operational data, with your internal systems, how do you make sense from all that data and gain insight from it?

“The second is how do you use that to be able to deliver personalised content to the right person at the right time and engage with them online and bring it down into what they are doing," he added.

According to Boorman, this is where IT can step in, by recommending Big Data technologies that could make sense of the information they have collected.

“So from the perspective of the CIO and CMO working together, the CMO wants to just try things – they want to go out and try a bit of this and try a bit of that. The IT leader who says ‘I can help you do that’ is the IT leader who is going to be brilliant.

“Whereas the IT leader who says ‘well we’ve got to do a security evaluation followed by detailed integration performance stress tests etc’ and puts barriers in the way, they are the ones who will not succeed,” he concluded.

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