Business Intelligence

Rather than deploying expensive and complex BI software on-site and paying up-front, choosing a SaaS model allows you to pay as you need it. Cloud-based BI allows you to create interactive analytical dashboards for all your users to view, to get instant spreadsheet statistics and deliver operational reports to mobile devices.


Red Hat and Hortonworks team up in big data management effort

Feb 14, 2014 Jane McCallion

Release of JBoss Data Virtualization 6 heralds greater collaboration between the two companies.

UK Cloud Awards - Shortlist of finalists announced

Feb 12, 2014 Cloud Pro Staff

It's been a long process but the judges have finally picked the finalists to do battle for the UK's first cloud awardss

cloud and spyglass

CloudPhysics extends vSphere support with performance data counters

Feb 5, 2014 Jane McCallion

Data analytics firm for the cloud adds another ‘card’ to its deck

Chief data officers for 25% of big firms by 2015, says Gartner

Jan 31, 2014 Jane McCallion

Growth of big data ushers in new c-suite position

IBM to offer artificial intelligence as a service

Jan 10, 2014 Jane McCallion

Big Blue promises new use for Watson, its Jeopardy-winning technology


Business intelligence in the cloud - education is the key

Oct 29, 2013 Tom Brewster

Companies are slowly realising the benefits of BI in the cloud but they still need to learn some lessons

The benefits of business intelligence

Oct 21, 2013 Maxwell Cooter

A well implemented business intelligence strategy can deliver real insight for your company

CIO planning: time to master a different range of skills

Jun 25, 2013 Lesley Meall

The CIO now needs to keep his or her eye on a whole new set of skills to keep a business running

Best business apps to download in 2013

Jun 10, 2013

We all download apps now. Every month, we're going to be publishing a list of the best business apps

Cloud computing: supporting a new breed of recruitment agency

Oct 30, 2012 Billy MacInnes

The cloud has proved to be an ideal fit for recruitment, offering a short term solution for companies who want to be flexible with their IT

Case Studies

Hotel meets customers' demands with cloud-based system

Jun 25, 2012 Miya Knights

Lack of reliability from an on-premise hotel system led to the Hunley Hotel turning to cloud to meet demand