Dropbox and Facebook team up for social file sharing

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Social networking titan and online file sharing giant add to Facebook groups' collaborative functionality

Dropbox has teamed up with Facebook to let the social network's users upload files direct from the online file sharing firm's servers to groups they are a member of.

The option for users to link their Facebook account to their Dropbox will appear under the pre-existing ‘add file’ tab on groups, which will allow users to choose between uploading files from their computer or from Dropbox.

A Facebook spokesperson told Cloud Pro: “Working with a trusted partner like Dropbox offers people a great way to easily share files with their friends inside Facebook Groups. Our teams worked hard to create a simple and accessible solution that allows users to instantly upload and discuss files of all types and sizes.”

The move has been largely welcomed by people commenting on Dropox’s blog post about the collaboration. Although, some voiced frustrations about how slowly the functionality is being rolled out across the site's user base.

Both Google and VMWare have hinted that social collaboration tools, such as the new Dropbox and Facebook link-up may lead to the phasing out of email in a business and personal context. However, Tony Lock, programme director at analysts Freeform Dynamics, is unconvinced.

“They are different horses for very different courses. Lots of businesses now have many of their operational processes so deeply embedded with the use of email that even if they wanted to do something different, the challenges for making that alteration would be huge,” Lock told Cloud Pro.

“It is a noteworthy event, but it is probably not a massive shift in the dynamics,” he added.

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