Lunar Media and Synety combine VoIP and CRM in the cloud

James Stirling News
13 Sep, 2012

Integrates Synety’s CloudCall into its Cloud CRM product.

Cloud telephony company Synety has partnered with cloud CRM software provider Lunar Media to integrate the CloudCall on-demand business telephony system into the Lunar CRM suite.

The amalgamation will allow users of Lunar CRM to access PBX and telephony functions from within the suite.  These include desktop click-to-dial, appending call histories and complete recording of calls to customer records, and comprehensive call reporting.

The integration was done using Synety’s CloudCall API, which enables embedding of cloud telephony services in applications with minimal coding.

The integration means that voice functions can be embedded into the CRM suite enabling complete records of phone transactions to be managed and accessed as easily as an email, providing instant access to and playback of calls for compliance, verification or training purposes.

Mark Seemann, chief executive of Synety said that voice is a “critical element of customer communications, so why should it be separated from other customer records in CRM or sales systems?”

“Integrating voice into CRM software bridges this gap, providing an accurate record of calls that is accessible alongside the customer’s contact history, enabling staff to maintain more effective communication with clients,” he said. “It also enriches the overall database by delivering a fuller picture of customer interaction.”

One company that is using the integrated service is Bradford-based insurance company Moove Insurance. The company, which started using Lunar CRM in early 2012, has 30 staff, all of whom are now making outbound calls through Synety’s CloudCall, using click-to-dial from customer records in the CRM system.

Moove Insurance’s managing director Harjit Moore said that the ability to call customers directly from their CRM system, and have access to complete records of voice transactions, has boosted efficiency.

“The call recordings are key to ensuring we are always compliant with FSA regulations, and the fact the entire solution is cloud-based, with no upfront capital costs, means it can quickly scale up as our needs grow,” said Moore.

Both Lunar CRM and Synety’s CloudCall are available on a per-user, per month basis. The companies said deploying the service involved no upfront capital expenditure and no software to install or maintain.

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