Netsuite focuses on mobile as it launches Android app and readies Apple Watch and Windows 10 versions

Decision makers can now truly run their business from anywhere, according to Netsuite

Netsuite has unveiled a fully featured mobile version of its xxz, designed to ensure Android users can take control of business information and make sections on the move.
The cloud ERP giant also promised to deliver apps for Apple Watch and Windows 10 fans in the near future, during its Suiteworld user conference in San Jose this week.
A main theme of the event was the need to interact with customers through a variety of channels regardless of industry sector or product or service offering - dubbed ominchannel.

"Another hot area of innovation - and we’re the only company applying it to ERP - is mobile. Netsuite has always understood the importance of mobility. Now we're taking that a step further. We're innovating and transforming ERP," Evan Goldberg, Netsuite's CTO and co-founder told delegates during his keynote speech. 

"We already have a great Android app for tracking expenses and time, but we’re excited to announce a new full featured Android app. Now we are expanding so you have the full suite in your pocket. You can run your business from anywhere."

The new Android app will be available  at the end of May as a free download from the Google Play store. It responds to the demands of a growing OS user base. Indeed, research firm IDC has said Android was the dominant smartphone OS in 2014, with 81.5 per cent market share. This is compared to Apple's 14.8 per cent share, which places it in a distant second place.
The new app enables users to get the same 360-degree view of business operations on the move as they would from their desktop version of the platform. It essentially puts the power of the Netsuite OneWorld suite  - which supports 19 currencies and 19 languages - into the palm of users' hands.
Features include full record support, with creation, editing and deletion capabilities. In addition, the app supports key business actions, such as approval of sales orders and expenses and payment acceptance. 
There's also advanced calendaring functionally with list and week views in addition to high levels of customisation. 

Goldberg confirmed the Windows 10 app would be available in 2016, while an iOS app fit for the Apple Watch will arrive later this year to complement the existing Netsuite iPhone app. 

New of a Windows 10 app follows in the footsteps of a partnership between former rivals Netsuite and Microsoft, also announced at the Suiteworld conference. 

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