Zendesk partners with Panorama9 on cloud help desk

James Stirling News
6 Jun, 2012

Integration combines IT operations with cloud-based help desk

Danish IT management company Panorama9 has announced it will be integrating its cloud-based IT operations platform with help desk SaaS Zendesk
The combination of the two products will give SMEs a new subscription-based, enterprise-grade IT management option delivered via the cloud.
With the integration of Panorama9 into Zendesk, any problems picked up by Panorama9 can be automatically turned into a helpdesk ticket for Zendesk. This means that IT teams can assign each ticket to the right person and more efficiently and effectively tackle problems from start to finish.
The integration also offer access to Zendesk’s case management tools for complete control on how to manage issues in the IT environment.

Any Zendesk ticket created by Panorama9 includes detailed information about the issue, along with useful links to the Panorama9 dashboard. This gives IT staff complete visibility into the IT environment and a set of tools to troubleshoot and resolve any issues. The ticket automatically updates as Panorama9 detects any changes to the issue.

Allan Thorvaldsen, chief executive and co-founder of Panorama9 said that the integration gives companies a simple tool to gain a quick overview of their IT estate. 

"[It] helps them manage all assets, respond quickly to issues, and keep end users informed throughout the entire process," he said.

“Businesses have the flexibility to choose the workflow that fits the way they work."

The Panorama9 subscription-based service has tiered pricing plans (including a free plan) to cater for businesses of all sizes, the companies said.

Zendesk integration is included at no extra charge for any Zendesk subscriber and Panorama9 user with an active ‘Small’ subscription plan or higher.

New users can sign up for a 30-day free trial and deploy the solution within five minutes, it's claimed.