IT and Application Management

Taking applications off-site doesn’t mean losing sight of them. Suppliers are lining-up to help you monitor and manage applications in the cloud. If you haven’t moved to the cloud yet, there are tools to measure the capacity you’ll need. Once you have, you can check application performance in real-time – down to code and business transaction level.


Cloud IT management

CA launches cloud-based mobile management suite

Feb 26, 2014 Rene Millman

Management Cloud for Mobility promises to help firms get a handle on managing mobile devices and workers

UK Cloud Awards - Shortlist of finalists announced

Feb 12, 2014 Cloud Pro Staff

It's been a long process but the judges have finally picked the finalists to do battle for the UK's first cloud awardss

Nlyte launches DCIM SaaS

Dec 10, 2013 Rene Millman

Nlyte On-Demand puts data centre management in the spotlight

UK Cloud Awards signs up first sponsor

Nov 29, 2013 Cloud Pro Staff

Ingram Micro is the first named sponsor for the UK Cloud Awards - which has also strengthened the judges' team

Best of cloud - UK cloud awards announced

Nov 21, 2013 Cloud Pro Staff

It's your chance to enter your favourite products and projects


Blurred lines when cloud customer becomes supplier

Oct 8, 2013 Adrian Bridgwater

One of the defining factors of cloud computing is the shifting boundary: are we ready for the customer-supplier?

Cloud forensics - keeping tabs on your cloud provider

Aug 22, 2013 Rene Millman

Having the right policies in place could help your organisation’s forensic efforts

Best business apps to download in 2013

Jun 10, 2013

We all download apps now. Every month, we're going to be publishing a list of the best business apps

Five reasons not to trust IT staff ... and five reasons why you should

Mar 12, 2013 Nick Booth

Should you trust the IT department? Do turkeys vote for Xmas? Here’s some cons and pros.

Cloud databases: why a new approach will improve performance

Jan 21, 2013 Nick Booth

Relational databases don't do the cloud. But a new model of cloud data management system might change that

Case Studies

Ostrich IT takes CentraStage to cut IT support costs

Nov 1, 2013 Rene Millman

Cloud-based remote management helps managed service provider save thousands