RES Software launches Baseline Desktop Analyzer on Azure

New service allows administrators insight into desktop usage from the cloud

Desktop management software company RES Software has launched a new, free service is aimed at helping IT desktop administrators gain visibility into their desktop infrastructures.

The RES Baseline Desktop Analyzer runs on Windows Azure. RES claimed it provided IT departments with a better understanding of what was being used in their environments, including applications, printers, data sources, hardware and more. 

It said this analysis went “above and beyond traditional static inventory services.” solution requires no agent or back-end configuration and reports are analysed through scalable Windows Azure services.

This, it said, would equip organisations with the essential information to make decisions about their desktop modernisation initiatives, including application virtualisation (App-V), Windows 7 migrations, and desktop virtualisation.

According to RES, the information provided by the service would allow IT departments to make decisions on how to introduce new hardware, plan for virtualisation adoption and the deployment of operating systems and applications with minimal end user disruption.

It said IT organisations could also quickly evaluate methods of improving IT efficiency, such as determining if they are over-spending on unused licences or seeing how much and what types of data users are storing on Dropbox. The service integrates with RES Workspace Manager, so organisations working on desktop projects can stream the data captured by the analysis into Workspace Manager.

Gene Bonacci, RES Software vice president channels and Sstrategic Alliances said that “as organisations prepare to embrace and manage the hybrid workspace, RES Baseline Desktop Analyzer provides key materials to streamline the planning and deployment of IT projects that might otherwise disrupt operations regardless of user environment management and personalisation platforms.”

He added that Microsoft’s inclusion of RES Baseline Desktop Analyzer in the Windows Azure Marketplace serves as an “outstanding proof-point for the product’s critical capabilities for IT administrators”.

RES Baseline Desktop Analyzer can be found in the Applications portion of the Windows Azure Marketplace.